Saturday, 22 September 2012

Procrastinating Like A Boss

I posted this last night on my Fb with a high hope that it would motivate me to lift up my gusto to start doing my work. Feeling so demotivated because it's Friday night, I should have had a personal partayyy in my room {watching movies alone, what else? -.-'} not a loner 

But 13 hours later, nothing changed. I even went to sleep a few minutes after posting the status. Sigh!

The files & documents still remain untouched walhal I've some cases to be read, some strong & critical arguments needed to convince the Judge & pages of submission to be submitted to Master no. 2 tomorrow evening. This is my first ever submission & you know how importance to impress the boss, ayte ayte aytee?

Other than that, this also involves life of a person & he's now in a prison serving his 7 years imprisonment. And here I'm, procrastinating like a boss.

I shall really stop. Bismillah

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