Sunday, 16 September 2012

I'm My Own Cinderella

I'm a type of girl who finds that cleaning is really therapeutic

When I was in the uni, whenever I had something worrying or unhappy thoughts clouding my mind, for instance final exam or tests or just usual self-created dilemma {lol!}, I often found myself sweeping, cleaning, washing the clothes {I'm proud to say that I never used watching machine during my 4 years of law school!}, re-arranging clothes in the almari & books on the table etc

Seeing things in order makes me happy :)

My bed at Kolej Mawar during the first semester of Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons).
That was 4 years ago! And yes, I'm a moo lover & sorry if it's too bright, you've to squint your eyes a bit

However, due to my busy schedule these past 2 weeks, my room was in a mess.  My mind wasn't at ease seeing the unfolded clothes in the basket & clothes hung secara huru-hara. Tapi terpaksa tahan sahajalah sebab tak sempat nek kemas-kemas secara serious. I'll take my own sweet time which usually takes me more than an hour to clean everything out. 

But now, it's time to be Miss Neat again!

 Thanks to Hari Malaysia public holiday that I finally had time to clean out my room. Like really clean out my room, not just sapu-sapu the floor
  • Changed the bed sheet
  • Put away the 2 luggages into the storeroom
  • Wiped the dust
  • Washed my tudungs & some baju kurungs which are too manja for the washing machine
  • Hanged all my black & white baju kurungs & going to iron them later supaya tidak mengelabah di kemudian hari kot-kot terlewat bangun
  • Lipat-lipat bajusss {why do girls need to have a lot of them?}
  • Scrubbed the toilet floor
  • Etc etc etc

I'm my own Cinderella! *blows nails*

Anyway, imagine coming back from the office to a bedroom like this. A bit sexy but so serene nonetheless!   Haruslah tidur sokmo like a champ

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