Sunday, 16 September 2012

Too Cute For A Chambering Student

One of the most crucial things every lawyer {or in my case, chambering student) must have is an organizer that will be useful in jotting down the upcoming trials/hearings & any important event

I thought I can survive without having one & think having a calendar on my desk at the firm would be very helpful but clearly, I was wrong. As days passed by with more workloads coming in, my mind could no longer tolerate with dates. And since it's already September, finding an organizer at any bookstore is a challenge

But I enjoy conteng-conteng this, despite the poor handwriting I've

Kemudian, teringat yang mek ada beli one notebook from Popular earlier this year masa nak habiskan Boucher 1Msia. It was an impulse buy & being me who is a sucker for anything bright & cute, I had to bring it home

Huihh, tak menahan galaknya!

But tell me, is this appropriate enough for a chambering student? Do you think my Master & her lawyer friends won't say anything if they see me with this? Do you think I won't embarrass myself carrying this notebook around the court because this notebook screams the words "Look at me!"

What a self-created dilemma -.-'

But I think it's cute! Come on! Look at that bright printed pages with some cute characters on them {although I'm now in the opinion that  it's really meant for a girl who is much much much younger than me. Say, kindergarten girl? Huhu!}, I can't resist!

A girl in a yellow crab hat; cute

Siap dengan Beijing subway map lagi. Feeling tourist terus

Or perhaps, I'll just wrap the cover with something else. Tapi bila nak jot down something, kena mak sure line clear dulu lah. Tapi kalau emergency kena jot down cepat-cepat depan orang, macam mana pula? Adakah kredibiliti mek sebagai chambering student akan tercalar & saham sebagai seorang yang matang bakal jatuh menjunam di mata para hadirin? :S

I think I need something with more professional look yet not boring, like this

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