Monday, 17 September 2012

Mek Comel

Spent some times with mek Comel alias Adik at Ma's garden last 2 weeks. Abah has just finished his pagola project recently, so we're still jakun about it. Ma's the happiest person of course. Hehe!

 "Hey Adik, look here at the camera"

"Here! Here! Lookie lookie!"
"Dowan dowan" 

"The hills are aliveeeeee. With the sound of musiccccc"

I swear, I never taught her that song

*flips hair*

Kejap je dah besar mek Comel ni. Dah pandai ngelat kalau kita nak dukung, pantassss dia berlari. Now pun dah kurang manja-manja. Don't grow up so fast, please Comel?

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