Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kamon! Kamon! You Can Do It!

I actually have some work to do

Or more specifically, I've to read some documents in a thick file & prepare a submission to my Master no. 2 for his criminal trial at the High Court on this coming Thursday. And the fact that he just called me this morning while I was with my Master no.1 for her RM 1 million defamation case has made me feel so gelabah

Master no. 1 is doing civil litigation + Master no.2 is doing criminal litigation = pening me

 Me this morning with the Mother
Looking so happy after having a yummy breakfast; rendang & nasi impit! Nyumss!

The ikan buntal look of me, in the evening 
Counting the time to go home. Masa ni battery dah nyawa-nyawa ikan already

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