Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Notebook Makeover

Do you still remember this notebook?

I had been thinking about some ways to make it more black & white friendly. Most importantly, without costing me any cent of course because I'm jimat like that. Hehe! Bagai pucuk di cita ulam mendatang when I found a yellow floral wrapper at the kitchen & planned to wrap the notebook with it

But after finishing some work at the office last Monday, my brain had oozed some creative juice. Actually, tak ada la creative boom kebaboom but I love the end result! :D  

The yellow cover was removed


The simple makeover involved 2 A4 papers + some editing work at Microsoft Word. Why I chose chandelier instead of other images like kucing, harimau, buah oren, penunu bunsen, bunga ros etc you asked? Well, whilst doing this I was in hurry. So, kita pakai je la any picture yang mek save dalam external hard disk

It would be zillion times better if printer boleh keluar image kaler-kaler & more girlie. What to do, nama pun harta ofis kan? Huhu!

 This made me go rambang mata. Sigh!

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