Wednesday, 3 October 2012

"I Know This Feeling! I Can Already Smell KL From Here!"

I really can't wait for this weekend to knock on my window & say "Miss me? I'm hereeee!"

My bedroom is a mess. I still have a traveling bag & some plastic bags from my recent trip to KL occupying the floor, a pile of clothes in the basket waiting to be lipat or hung, need to change the bed sheet {when was the last time I changed it? Was it 3 weeks ago?}, sweep the floor after days of being neglected etc

Ni baru bilik. Bagaimanakah apabila menjadi manager rumah tangga kelak? Lepas tu, ada cita-cita nak jadi housewife pulak kannnnn? Pfttt! -.-'

Btw, ini sedikit gambar on the way to KL Wednesday last week. Went there with a Master No. 2's MyVi {tqvm En Hasif!} with my 2 UiTM friends, Khazan & Ain and my chambering mate, Saiful as the driver. Nasib la kan being the only guy in the car. Hehe!

We stayed at Khazan's aunty's house at Sect 2, Wangsa Maju while Saiful stayed at his alma mater, UIA

A bit jakun because it's not everyday I go to Gua Musang. Hehe!
And it's freaking 3 hours away from K.Bharu

I love traveling in the rain
Maybe not for the driver 

Typical cam-whore style when you're with your friend(s) & you're too shy to ask somebody else to take picture for you. Valid reason, I hope 

This is after Bentong, near Gombak
I always told myself "I know this feeling! I can already smell KL from here!" whenever I was at this place

The next day was spent for Filing the Petition for Chambering at Kompleks Mahkamah Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Duta, the Malaysian Bar Council & finally, at Attorney's General Chamber at Putrajaya. It was a very tiring day

Next entry sambung cerita, if rajin. Hehe!
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