Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pout Pout!

Found this wall graffiti near McD Jalan Tok Hakim, K.Bharu yesterday evening & I couldn't help but to ask my Sister to take a picture of me & that blue thing. No, I wasn't being bashful or trying to be one in this picture. It was candid. I think I said "Lagi sekali" & it turned out that the candid picture is way better than the "ok, I'm readyyyyy! *smiles & strikes a post*" picture. Lol!

Wall graffiti is another form of art & I always admire how creative people can be with just some cans of spray paints. Well, provided that it's nothing obscene & offensive

I'm not sure what that blue thing is, a blue dugung perhaps but it's cute nonetheless. Look at its muncung mouth. Pout pout! But mata dia macam agak garang la. It reminds me to electric eel

Ok, menyesal google gambar electric eel. Tak comel -.-'

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