Thursday, 18 October 2012

Jalang-jalang {Part 1}

I know I've been mentioning 'K.Terengganu' in almost every post {or is it all posts?} lately. So, I promise myself that this is going to be the last time I mention the word here. Hehe!

I always like K.Terengganu. Love the beach, the big shaddy trees along the road, the accent & the memories I've here during Hari Kecemerlangan SBP Zon Timur held at SESMA in 2002 {that was a decade ago! OMG! Feel so tua, suddenly!}. At Sains Pasir Puteh dulu, girls from Terengganu were the second  ramai after Kelantan. Therefore, it is not a surprise when I found myself conversing in Trengganu accent a lot these past few days. Apa la susah sangatnya slang Terengganu ni if nak compare dengan Kelantan kang? Just pust 'G' at the end of every word, then you can call yourself a pro already! *flips tudung*

I thought my accent is perfect until;

Saya: Jadi ke dok Sue cakak Teganung?
Kakak: Dok lasung. Sangat la fail
Saya: Pfttt!

Me & my Master arrived at K.Terengganu at 2 something p.m. The journey from K.Bharu took us about 2 hours & a half with her black XTrail

I always got excited when I saw that 'Allah Selamatkan Terengganu', I don't know why :)

We stayed at Primula Beach Hotel as it's only a few minutes drive to Kompleks Mahkamah K.Terengganu. I definitely love the room that we stayed in for the beautiful & breathtaking view from the corridor. It was my first time there, obviously. Jakun much, cannot tahan

I'll definitely choose Primula Beach Hotel again for my next trip to K.Terengganu, either with the Family or friends. Dekat dengan Pasar Payang & some seafood restaurants somemore. Bahagia hidup

 The view from our room at Level 11

 14 Oct 2012, at  6:49 pm

15 Oct 2012 at 6:01 pm & it was raining heavily that night. Syiokkkk tidur

I don't have any picture of the room, except for this one which was taken from my Master's Fb. Tengah makan roti boy di atas katil like a boss. Actually makan atas kerusi tapi bila Master cakap nak ambik gambar, terpaksala berlakon tengah makan atas katil. Tujuan penjelasan di sini adalah supaya tiada yang beranggapan mek suka makan di atas katil walaupun hakikatnya memang benar pong

Macam tengah gelak, tapi sebenarnya "Dah ke belum, Kak Ti?"

Lupa nok kabor. After checking-in, we had late lunch at Uncle Chua Signature, somewhere in the town. The food was sedap & not so mahal. Tak rasa mahal kerana firm yang bayar mungkin? Hehe!

To be continued. Macam retis sangat nak buat entry bersambung-sambung ni kang :')

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