Monday, 22 October 2012

Keng Som Nama Di Beri

It was my Mother's 58th birthday a week ago. Alhamdulillah!

As usual, we celebrated it with acara makan-makan either at New Horizon Restaurant {which is just 5 minutes from our house. So not glamour T_T} or Sri Chengmai Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Sri Cemerlang, K.Bharu. Tapi this time Kakak brought us to this one Thai restaurant, Keng Som at Jalan Kebun Sultan, K.Bharu which is just a few blocks away from my office

Judging from the waiters/waitresses' accent other than the restaurant's name, Keng Som is a very authentic Thai restaurant. Kecek supo siam belakeeee set-set dio

 The celebrated one

Mon pere

We made a reservation a few hours before, maka tidak perlu menunggu lama for the food. The food galore began at 9 p.m

Now ladies & gentlemen, allow me to give my humble comments on every dish served *clears throats, rubs grumbling tummy* Or maybe, I'll just show you the pictures with some notes. Cannot tahan, lapar la pulak. Inilah padahnya skip dinner

Tomyam campur, RM16 

Masam manis pedas. Just nice

Kerabu mangga, RM12

This is the best kerabu mangga I ever tasted!! It was so crunchy, tak lemau & that brown unidentified things gave it a sweet sour taste. Sedap sedap, it's highly recommended & I would definitely order this again if we ever dine there again. InsyaAllah. Enough for 5 people, sampai mek mampu ratah-ratah lagi after everybody was done eating

Udang Bang Nara, RM78

The most expensive dish among all, no doubt. 5 udang harimau altogether, spicy & sedap. Lagi sedap kalau makan dengan tangan, instead of fork & spoon. If you know what I mean

 Kailan ikan masin, RM10

I don't remember eating this! :(( Mungkin tersorok dari pandangan & di pisahkan oleh tomyam. Atau mungkin juga mek telah dikaburi oleh udang & kerabu mangga hingga mengenepikan hidangan ini tanpa sedar

Ayam halia basah, RM12

Being a big fan of chicken I am, my comment may be biased but this tasted good. Lagi sedap if it wasn't cooked with halia

Ikan Keng Som, RM42

Keng som means asam pedas in Thai, hence the name of the restaurant. I don't eat fish except the bakar one maka I skipped this dish which is something I regretted. Bila tinggal kuah je, barulah mek sibuk nak merasa & oh my Allah, even the kuah tasted so nice! Pedas, masam & manis. It was just not usual manja-manja pedas but the kind of cry me a river pedasnyaaaaaa. This is their specialty! *hands down*

I was busy eating, enjoying & savouring every bite I had that I didn't have time to look at the camera


And still busy 

And I think some of you might have noticed the way mek pegang the fork. Pardon me, I'm so kampung like that but my Sister said I've made some progress lately. Lol! 

No shame on that. Makan dengan tangan is the best, sunnah Rasulullah lagi & you can enjoy the lauk till the cebisan yang terakhir. Di harap masih ada yang sudi menerima mek di atas kekurangan mek ini T_T

Btw, I was wearing the tudung given by my girlfriend Dayah as my birthday present last January. Tqvm babe! *fly kisses all the way to Petaling Jaya* Paired it with a black jubah so that I could hide my tummy. Just in case 

Obviously the BIL enjoyed the food, sampai terpejam-pejam mata beliau
Abah kat sebelah sedang memerhatikan mek makan mungkin

We finished dining about an hour later. Time passed by so quickly when you had happy time ayte? Alhamdulillah! Or more specifically in this case; when your tummy is happy, the world seems to be a better place!

Well, maybe less happier for the person responsible for the bill. Tqvm Kakak. Hehe!

I couldn't help myself comparing Keng Som with Chengmai Seafood Restaurant but now, both are my favourite restaurants in K.Bharu. Dari segi harga, Keng Som mahal la sikit but it's worth every cent paid, InsyaAllah. And if you plan to dine there, it's advisable to make an early reservation through the phone numbers as stated on the receipt above

Gegaran tahap 7

To conclude this post, terimalah pantun 4 kerat ikhlas dari mek;

Keng Som nama di beri,
Makanan sedap tidak terperi,
Hingga kita berjumpa lagi,
Jikalau ada orang yang sudi belanja lagi.

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