Saturday, 6 October 2012

Minum-minum Di Pagi Sabtu

My former classmate/firmmate, Juwe is in the town for the weekend & since it was also his birthday 2 days ago, he arranged a minum-minum session at D'Klasik White Coffee Kopitiam in front of HUSM with me & Khazan this morning

It's been a while since the last time I had this kind of meeting. You know where you could just sit back & relax & talk anything under the sun with your comrades & laugh your heart out as if life is all under the control. The only difference now is that everybody is busy carving their own path with different goal & destination

I miss my LL.B friends! :((

Loving the details of my blouse

 Khazan & my Mother
Yes, I asked her to come along too. Hehe!

Pulanglah dikau ber'chambering di Kota Bharu, Juwe. Look at us, so happy & getting chubbier here :P

Group photo

My must-have picture with Khazan. Vain pots, we are!

Must get ready for my cousin' akad nikah tonight; iron baju, charge the camera & hp battery. Baru last week dapat new cousin-in-law, now another one will be joining the Pak Chu Lah/Syeikh Abdullah clan! Alhamdulillah!  Seronoklah dapat cousin-in-laws perempuan macam ni, kini mek tidak lagi dikelilingi oleh sepupu-sepupu lelaki semata-mata. Ada gang baru! WoohoO!

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