Sunday, 28 October 2012

Of My 2 Cheeky Second Cousins

Attended my cousin's open house this evening. She served beehoon & mee soup, martabak & other yums side dishes & being me who appreciates good food with good company, I couldn't resist to have 3 bowls of beehoon soup. They were too spicy to be missed! Alhamdulillah!

Penutup majlis was where I lepak-ed with my 2 second cousins, 11 year-old Nayli & 12 year-old Aliya while having my cousin's cat on my laps

Aliya: Cik Sue lawyer eh? Ingatkan Cik Sue belajar biasa-biasa je
Saya: What? You think I'm stupid ehhh? :P

Aliya: Umur Cik Sue berapa? 22?
Nayli: 21?
Saya: :))

Saya: *makes some jokes & imitates cat's voice*
Aliya: Hahaha! Kelakarla Cik Sue ni. Patutla sampai sekarang Cik Sue tak kahwin
Saya: -.-'

Aliya: Speck Cik Sue ada power ke?
Saya: Of course la. Ingat speck ni main-main ke? *puts off my speck & hand it to her*
Aliya: Cik Sue tak lawa la tak pakai speck
Saya: Wuwuwuw! *fake cries* Sampai hati Aliya cakap saya tak lawa. Patutla saya tak ada boyfriend kan? Wuwuwuwu!
Nayli: Mana ada! Cik Sue lawa lah! *she then scolds Aliya*
Saya: :P

Nayli: Cik Sue, kalau petang-petang macam ni, cuba teka nyamuk apa yang ada
Saya: Nyamuk yang baru nak start night life?
Nayli: Betul! Jom naik rumah saya!

Pening kepala Cik Sue layan! I just lepak-ed with them for only like 15 minutes, imagine having younger sisters like them! Haha! But they make me feel young & make me remember how carefree & happy my childhood used to be

Must spend more time with them until I get married or work elsewhere. Or more precisely, the time when they no longer think I'm 21 or 22. Hehe!

Aidil Fitri 2011
From L to R; Mek, Nayli, Aliya & Afiqah

My latest obsession! I'm so going to kidnap him more often after this!

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