Saturday, 20 October 2012

Perfect Weather For Weekend

Assalamualaikum & happy Saturday, loves! How's your weekend so far?

It's been raining a lot here in  K.Bharu & sometimes the Sun decided that "Hallo Gentlemen! It's my turn to shine now. Would you please excuse yourself?"

The weather nowadays has always made me feel confused. Imagine waking up to a gloomy day where it's so hard to resist your very comfortable blanket & bed, and a few minutes later, the Sun is shining so brightly outside, but kemudiannya it's glommy again! I know this weather, it's called musim tengkujuh. And being me who likes rainy days {despite my name. Oh, the irony!}, I don't mind staying at home ;)

I couldn't find any picture better than this to describe how my weekend mornings look like. Hehe!

Weekend means Hari Mengemas Bilik, but the weather is so nice. Sigh!

Btw, tonight is the game between Kelantan & ATM ayte? Which team are you rooting for? I'm so nervous yet excited for my team. I hope Kelate win la tonight. Amin... Maing molek la awe-awe eyhh. Biar mene pulok kito tahung ni

Btw, look what my neighbour, Azwan who is studying at Jordan taught this Arabic man. Lol!

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