Sunday, 21 October 2012

You're So Fine

It's raining here in K.Bharu. I'm feeling nostalgic for no reason yet missing someone for an apparent reason. Life goes on nonetheless. Hewhewhew!  

This song fits in very much

You're So Fine
by Guba ft. Yuna

Listened it for the first time at Kak Ju's blog a few days ago & it was kind of stuck in my head that it's been on repeat for countless of time already!

I thought the singers are British or Americans but oh boy, I was wrong. Kak Yuna rupanya!  Nak jugakkk mention Yuna tu senior kat UiTM Law School walhal sekali pun tak pernah jumpa. Hehe! And Guba is a Sabahan guy. With that sexy accent, who would have thought that, ayte?

Esok dah kerja. Mengensot la nampaknya pergi office

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