Monday, 12 November 2012

3 Weddings

Attending 3 weddings in a row has taken its toll on me. I fell asleep in front of my laptop last night, ignoring my friend's msg on Whassap because I was too sleepy & tired to reply {luckily Dr Amin's been my friend for 11 years already, so he's known me pretty well. Lol!} Despite going to bed awal malam tadi, I only managed to wake up from the slumber land at 11 a.m

Haihhhhh! -.-'

I know I've flooded my blog with marriage related stuff lately, but friends' marriages aren't something I attend every week or month. Hence, the need to document them here untuk tatapan masa hadapan. So behold, as I'm going to flood this blog again with some wedding pictures!

Oh, one thing about going to friends' wedding is that I found out that I always went to the majlis with the same girls for years & all of us are single. And you know la what type of conversations we had in the car. Something like;

"Omg! All of us in this car are single!"
"Why is it so hard for us to find Mr Right?"
" ______ (insert name) pun dah tunang/kahwin, kenapa kita belum? Wuwuwu!"
"The same single crowd. Sighhh!"
"Lelaki ramai, yang baik tu tak ramai"
"We are not memilih. Dah tak ada yang berkenan di hati, macam mano?"
"Have to memilihhh!"
"Macam mana nak kahwin, duit pun tak ada niiii?"
"Bukan nak kahwin esok punnnn!"

Etc etc etc

But trust me, we aren't as somber as we sound because we're very happy with our life. Friends come & get married but single gang united! WoohOo! Though I've no doubt the number of single members in the same wagon is going to decrease month by month. Especially cikgu, fully booked sokmo kan?

And other than meeting old friends, attending kenduri also gives you chance to melaram a bit. A bit je laaaa sebab macam sama je dengan hari-hari biasa except for more colours worn

Baju kurung moden from Butik Naz Indah
Handbag from Charles & Keith
Wedges from Carlo Rino
Watch from Swatch
Make up by Sdn Bhd :))

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