Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Of Being A Productive Procrastinator

As expected, I've spent way too much time in my bedroom for the past 5 days, except when I was out for kenduris

My girlfriends have been planning a girls' day out tapi sampai ke sudohhhh dok plan. Good thing that it's school holiday now, maka Madam besar yakni Cikgu Dayah Nuyi will be in town till January. Should have warned her that I'm so going to make full use of her Preve i.e her being my driver. Hehehe!

I read somewhere that a study shown that a person who sleeps more than average hours is lonely. I beg to differ, Sir as I need to qadha those precious hours with my bed. Lonely whatttt? And another study stated that a person who sleeps less than 4 hours {or is it 5?} a day has a high tendency of getting ill & die early. Do I need to explain this more? Read my explanation for Fact #1

 Tiba-tiba teringat kerja-kerja yang tak siap di firm sana. Oh mannnn! >.< Gering tak semena-mena

And reading some blogposts when I was still a law student has made me realize how different the meaning of happiness back then. Being easily amused me, it wasn't that hard to please me & food was no doubt one of the sources of happiness. I miss Law School & its people, minus the workloads

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