Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Of Khuzaimah's Wedding

Do you realize that we've different sets of friends throughout our life; primary school, secondary school, uni, friends you know from friends, accidentally-become friends etc?

I may not be the best friend anyone ever wished for {I'm not adventurous enough, I'm sorry but you can always count on me when you want a makan-makan teman! My tummy is always ready!} but I know which sets of friends I can count my happiness on. It's like, you can reveal your true self whenever you hang out with them even after yearssssss of not seeing each other :D

So, last Saturday after coming back from Che Tik's wedding, mek bersama kawan-kawan mek went to our primary school mate's wedding, Khuzaimah. Sampai di majlis around 5 macam tu. Makan-makan & tunggu pengantin as they were out for outdoor photography session. Nasib baik tetamu masih ramai, tak de la segan sangat nak buat frequent trips to the buffet table :')

And when she arrived later with her husband, Rabani, I couldn't help but to admire how pretty she is. Alhamdulillah, comel kawan saya ni. Berseri-seri!

Rabani & Khuzaimah
Rabbani is from Pokok Sena, Kedah & they met at UiTM. Another cinta kampus. Hehe!

Pretty & adorable, isn't she? 

 From L to R; Mek, Anis, the Bride & Wani

Khuzaimah was one of my best friends during primary school. A chatty, kind & funny girl she is with such a pleasant character. When we were in secondary {Khuzaimah was studying at MRSM Gerik while mek at Sains Pasir Puteh}, every month mesti ada tulis-tulis surat to each other. My other 2 primary school mates were also at MRSM Gerik, so seronoklah cerita-cerita. Tapi, after she moved to MRSM PC in Form 4, aktiviti tulis-tulis surat terhenti begitu sahaja. Maybe sebab dah 1 negeri, kurang rindu plus masa tu busy mengarang surat untuk orang lain pula :))

Currently doing Ph.D at UiTM, I know she's going to be a great wife & mother soon. InsyaAllah

To Khuzaimah & Rabani,
I pray may Allah make everything easy for both of you; marriage life, parenthood & other things you're pursuing. Semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu, cicit & so on. Amin... Nanti dah jadi Dr, don't forget me! I love you!
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