Saturday, 10 November 2012

Of Che Tik's Wedding

Attended my secondary school mate's wedding, Atikah aka Che Tik & her spouse, Zafran at Pengkalan Chepa this evening. We arrived at the Che Tik's house at 2 pm  & stayed there till  4 something. Talk about going to a kenduri of one of your close friends & acting like you're the host -.-'

I love attending majlis like this for I know the chance or possibility of bumping into other friends is pretty high. Happy majlis, good food, best set of friends = happiness. All the control sopan gone when you're surrounded with the right people at the right time

Their love story started way back when they were at Auckland Uni a few years ago. Zaf is from Perak but his mother is from P.Puteh, so Che Tik is lucky that her husband can kecek Kelate. No need to kecek luai. Hehe!

With some of my batch mates. All grown up!

 From L to R; Mek, Diha & Lat with our senior's baby, Auzaie 

I wonder, tak panas ke baby pakai cap macam tu tatkala cuaca panas? He was so calm, mungkin juga tertawan di kelilingi kakak-kakak yang rupawan. Bahahahaha!

 The Bride had to turun pangkat because we're tamak that way

Dr Shasha, Mek & Didi 

Lat is a dentist at K.Terengganu Hospital but I always mistakenly called her Cikgu Gigi -.-' 

With Ida, the girl I've known since 1998 during Math & Science Camp 
What a jodoh that we were in the same dorm from Form 1 till 3!

 With Cik Didi, the superwoman who doesn't only has a Master's degree & work as a Reseacher in a company in KL, but also a businesswoman. Kuat kerja cik mek ni. Untuk tabung perkahwinan bulan 6 tahun depan mungkin? Hehe!

With Dr Shasha, one of the funniest & happiest girls that I know 
Her sepet eyes seem to detest camera, I assume. This one pun nak kahwin next year

And finally, with the Bride! Che Tik is a Math teacher at MRSM Kuala Krai & with her fun & happy go lucky character, I believe she's loved by her students so dearly!

To Che Tik & Zaf,
I pray for your happiness dunia & akhirat! Semoga bercinta hingga ke syurga, you two! InsyaAllah!
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