Friday, 9 November 2012

Tentang Perkahwinan

I was having a conversation with our client & her other 2 relatives at the court yesterday when one of them asked me, "Cik ni dah berumah tangga ke belum?". I answered that with a giggle/laugh while on the same time, forcing my brain to find an appropriate answer for that. Any cliché answer will do sebenarnya but deep down inside, I know the reasons why I've been holding on my single status

I'm not seeing anyone, no special boyfriend/candidate, or let alone any prospective future husband. It's just me at this moment. I'm singular & single

Tipulah kalau saya cakap kadang-kadang terdetik juga dalam hati "Will I finally meet my own Imam someday?" tapi tak ada pulak rasa desperate to get married sekarang ni. Asyik kena paksa cari calon tu adalah :)) I've to admit that I'm quite choosy tapi memilih pun bersebablah. Mestilah ada certain criteria yang kita nak kan? Islam pun ada set the guidelines in finding a spouse, mana boleh hentam keromo. Ini adalah perjanjian yang binding sampai ke syurga, InsyaAllah

Everybody wants a happy ending; an Imam to lead us till Jannah, who not only can be a good spouse, but also a best friend & a good listener. We want that someone who will love us unconditionally regardless our weakness & past. We want that someone who thinks we're the prettiest despite the flaws we have. We want that someone who always reminds us about akhirat & doesn't only chase duniya & its deceiving promises

Most importantly, don't dream marrying a bridegroom as good as Saidina Ali (ra) when you yourself is nothing on par with Saiyidatina Fatimah Az-Zahrah. So, to all single ladies out there, let's striveee & be an awesome candidate! InsyaAllah :D 

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