Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hari Sabtu Saya

Me, during weekends

I watched Hot Tub Time Machine movie before going to the bed last night. It was hilarious except for the fu*king word used in almost every line. Instead of popcorns, I had grapes as the substitute

Oh, I also managed to re-instal The Sims 2 after 3 years. I'm getting bored with The Sims 3, that's why

I did some makeover to my bedroom. Nothing much; moved-in a 8 holes cupboard (the one without doors), lipat-ed & arranged my clothes & handbags onto them + re-arranged the study table & the wardrobe. Looking at them now, I think I really should stop spending money on these items. I haven't finished kemas-kemas though, 4 hours & counting

The weather has been perfect. Perfect = suam-suam. I wish I've a very good book to read while munching on Famous Amos Pecan Cookies. It's been  a while

Esok kerja sudahhhh. Can't wait for my 10 days off soon, though I know being a coach potato me, I'll spend most of my times in my bedroom doing nothing. Just like other weekends but with extra sleep hours & some weddings to attend

For some reasons, I miss Selangor & KL. And also some memories there

Sekian sahaja laporan hari Sabtu saya yang membosankan ini. Tqvm for reading. Have a nice Saturday. Assalamualaikum & take care, loves!

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