Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Thursday

It's the final day of the week & I'm feeling so productive today! Or maybe because I went to sleep at 9 something p.m last night & my battery was fully charged! 

But don't you just love the day before weekends? Love love!

Came to the firm this morning & saw this mug of hot tea on my table. Love our staff, Na moreee!

Tapau-ed Ma's soft lempeng to the office as breakfast. They were so gebu & that I can eat them without milk or sugar

Senior & Junior

My junior at UiTM, Sierra came to visit me at the firm in the afternoon & we had lunch together at the nearby Kopitiam. Master no. 2 is her relative, sooooooo there's a big possibilty that she'll be joining us as a chambering student next year. Yayyyy! Ada kawan baru kat office nanti! :D

I was so happy when she commented that I look thinner. That's the best compliment I've received since I started my chambering. Bahahhaha! Because truth be told, baru Raya hari tu the BIL's cousin, Kanik said that I look chubby. I'm going to apply my own rule here that the latest compliment prevails. Ehemm!

All the best with your LL.B Part 2, Sierra! And then quick quick, be my neighbour next desk!

The view of my desk when I left the firm this evening. That conveyancing file can wait!

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