Friday, 16 November 2012

Of Semma's Wedding

I don't want to believe that it's already Friday! 2 more days & my life will resume like it used to. Bye-bye late night stay-ups doing nothing, long hours of qadha-ing sleep, makan-makan with girlfriends & hello black & white world. Sobs!

So, to wrap up my holidays I'm going to flood this blog for the last time with wedding picturesss of my secondary schoolmate's wedding, Asmawaty aka Semma & her spouse, Ridhwan at Machang last Sunday

 The invitation card, or more like mini book from KadMaadoh. Cute ayteeee?

The map attached on the wedding card didn't help much, maka kami gunakan bantuan-bantuan hayat yang ada

Semma's house is about 1 hour & a half from K.Bharu but time seemed to fly so fast as I was accompanied by my other 4 bubbly & funny girlfriends; Diha, Farhan, Nujah & Ida. It was raining when we arrived & there was only one umbrella in Diha's car. Lencunnnn! And kebetulan pula rombongan pengantin lelaki pun baru tiba {skema tak hengat ayat}, maka kami pun tumpang sekaki memeriahkan majlis

 Farhan, Diha & Nujah

 Mija & Ida

Mek & Mija

We ate, ate, ate, ate, talked, ate, laughed, ate, laughed untillll the rombongan pengantin lelaki balik. Finally, it was our turn to conquer the pelamin & take pictures with the newly weds! Tak sia-sia perjalanan yang jauh & meredah hujan sebentar tadi. Inilah saat-saat yang di nantikan

  A funny couple they are :)

To Semma & Ridhwan,
Congratulations! I pray may your marriage & soon, parenthood journey be blessed with a lot of happiness & barakah. Semoga dipermudahkan urusan dunia & akhirat, Amin

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