Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Entri Random Berskala Sederhana

Assalamualaikum. It's been a busy week at the office. So, I'm not going to torture my mind anymore with anything blerghhh but rather go random

Which one is your style? Mine is Stella McCartney :)

My eyelashes are thick & very straight, maka kejadian bulu mata masuk mata seringkali berlaku. When I was at the primary school, some naughty boys gave me mean names like 'mata lembu', 'bulu mata unta' etc. I also have big eyes, or big cornea to be exact. Masa awal-awal nak pakai contact lens {when I was 17}, the optometrist advised me not to. Lol! And there was this Indian girl thought that I wore contact lens yang mampu besarkan anak mata, yang ala-ala Korean I want nobody nobody like but chuuu tu

 Adakah mata yang besar juga menyumbang kepada obsesi yang teramat kepada hobi tidur?

Things that can excite me;

Cats  Chocolate, cookies & ice-cream  ♥ History channel  ♥ Egypt & its history  ♥ Archaeology
Being in the car (as the co-driver of course) & pusing-pusing tanpa hala tuju  
Road trip  ♥ Meeting old friends & girlfriends I haven't met for ages  
Happy news  Be with a great company i.e family or friends   
Eating at new place  Sleep

I'm pretty much a boring person. Maybe a bit nerd at that & skematod too *yawns*

Esok short call. 12/12/12; macho betul date. Short call saya punyalah lambat dari orang lain walhal filing petition hari tu idok la lambat mana pun. Beauty sleep, it's all I want now. Wassalam

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