Sunday, 16 December 2012

Of A Coincidence Jejak Kasih

Had a short outing with Dayah yesterday evening

It's been raining like non-stop here in K.Bharu, plus Saturday equals to parti kereta di atas jalan raya. So, finding a parking spot was like a hide & seek game & Dayah was soooo close to give up & go to Tesco instead. At least boleh makan-makan di Secret Recipe katanya tapi Makcik tu nak beli kasut Clarks. Tesco mana ade kedai Clarks meh. Nak tak nak, KB Mall juga harus kami tuju

And look look, who I bumped into! :D

Meet my friend, Aida Rahim!

Aida was my tuition buddy when I was in standard 5 & 6 and we were like 2 inseparable belangkas then. We sure had fun in the classes, in fact too much fun sometimes that it annoyed our Math teacher with our giggles. Teehee! When we were in secondary school, we would exchange letters & pictures once in a while & being in a co-ed school, of course Aida had more advantages & cheesy stories to tell, compared to me :P

Aida is an English teacher at one secondary school in Tanah Merah & is going to get engaged next week. Oh my Allah! After about 11 years tak jumpa, tup tup jumpa terus ada berita gembira! Of course, I'm so happy for her :')

Ambik gambar together-gether, exchanged stories & gossip-ed a bit before we continued with Dayah's hunt for her Clarks shoes. Thank Allah that it didn't take long for Dayah to lay her hands on her desired shoes or else I had to layan her grumpiness :P Went to Secret Recipe later but it was too crowded, so we went to Pizza Hut instead. Anddd when we entered the restaurant, I saw someone who I haven't met for ages! But she wasn't alone though as she was with a friend. Ahemmm!

My secondary school friend, Mija!

We were prep class-deskmates during Form 1 & we shared the similar hobby which was sleeping during prep hours & chit-chating. Books & homework tolak tepi :)) Despite never been in the same class, Mija & I remain close friends till now & calling each other 'Gewe' which means 'Kekasih' in loghat Kelate. We're so cheesy like that but not in a geli-geli way of course. Lol! We even went to school together to collect our SPM result & later laughed sheepishly at it. Sigh!

Mija is a teacher teaching in a boys' school in KL & I know with her witty charm, she is loved by her students dearly. I don't know how she handles them, naughty boys but you go, girlfriend!

I miss Mija & I'm glad that even after years after we finished school, nothing has changed between us i.e the dorky laughter & silly jokes :))

We couldn't remember what we were laughing at but don't we look so happy? :')

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