Sunday, 2 December 2012

Of D & S

Master no. 1 has 2 kids named Danial 9 & Charmaine 7. All this while, I only got to see their pictures in Master no. 1's room & almost everyday I was entertained with their funny stories  {and sometimes naughty too & made their parents get headache. Hehe!} told by Master no. 1 herself

I was really hoping to see them in person because oh my Allah, Malay-Chinese kids are so cute okayyyyyy? Sepet & gebusss! It was until Sunday last week when Master no.1 brought them to the office. I was so happy, of course! At least, there are some new faces in the office, other than Master no. 1 herself & Na the staff. Hehe! 

They go to a Chinese school in town & speak English or Mandarin all the time. Maybe a bit of B.Melayu but not much. Inikan pula B.Melayu slang Kelate yang vocabulary & pronunciationnya can vary according to places. Nasib baik mek boleh lah jugak spekeng, bolehlah ajak sembang ;)

Tekun. Maybe boleh consider untuk jadi my PA

Saya: What are you doing?
Charmaine: Playing on-line game
Saya: My computer is a bit slow right?
Charmaine: Ya, my father's laptop is better
Saya: ........

Saya: Your Mommy told me you wear specks
Danial: Ya, she can't see clearly
Saya: So, why aren't you wearing them now?
Charmaine: I only wear them at school *mata tekun melihat screen dengan jarak sangat dekat*

Saya: I like to play this game! *while pointing at Garfield online game on the screen*
Charmaine: You mean this fat lazy cat?
Saya: Ya, I love Garfield. Do you like cats?
Charmaine: I only love my own cat
Saya: I love all cats equally!  {Nak menang jugak tuuuu -.-' }

Charmaine: You see this dragon? I think it's cute
Saya: No, dragon is not cute. I don't like dragon. It looks hideous to me
Charmaine: No, it's not

Saya: Do you like pink?
Charmaine: No, I like red
Saya: Oh, I thought all girls like pink
Danial: She likes blood. Red as blood. Hahaha!
Charmaine: Noooo!

Haih! So cute! Nanti datang la lagi. Mek rela tak dapat buat kerja sebab pc kena conquer

Danial looks like his Daddy, while Charmaine's got her Mommy's look :)

Showing me his Sims City. Walhal mek di sini have been playing many kinds of The Sims since 2003 *flips tudung*

Ok, next time when they come again, nak tanya pasal hobi & cita-cita pulak. I'm trying so hard to fit into the group, you see? Nak kena belajar main on-line game jugak ke macam ni?

And I'm not sure what they actually & should address me; Cik Sue / Kak Sue / Aunty Sue? Macam tak banyak je beza umur? Bahahaha!

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