Monday, 3 December 2012

Of Nada Amelia's Majlis Aqiqah

My maternal cousin, Kak Lah gave a birth to a beautiful baby girl about a month ago, Alhamdulillah & had a kenduri aqiqah at their house in Machang on 16 November. We arrived there after Asar & the lauks were 3/4 finished already. Huhu! Nonetheless, it was great to meet up with some maternal relatives there. Most of us live in K.Bharu tapi busy sokmo belako

One of the most exciting parts of visiting the newborns is getting to know their name. There are hundreds of beautiful Muslim names to choose & I believe that it's not an easy process until everyone is happy & satisfied. What's more with a strong influence from Malay novels & dramas; modern names like Dhiya Delaila Sharapova Markoss or Ian Iskandar Zachary or Anysss Sofeya Pandora etc. Can tergeliat lidah to pronounce. Huhu! As for me, names like 'Umar', 'Soraya', 'Fuqaha' & 'Iman' always have a special place in my mind

Early reservation please? Bahahaha!

As for this anak sepupu of mine, her 13-year-old eldest sister, Najah Raihana had the honour of giving the name to this family's latest bundle of joy. So, Nada Amelia bt. Nazri she is! A catchy name, isn't it? It reminds me so much to my Law School friend, Qatrin Nada *waves & blows a lot of flying kisses to Qat in Penang*

Please bid 'Assalamualaikum ' & hello to Nada Amelia, people! But not too loud, okay?


The over protective Kakak, Najwa Farhana. When I asked her if  she would allow me to pinjam her baby sister, she pretended that she didn't hear it & answered me so annoyingly, "Apa? Apa? Apa? Apa?" -.-'

Ke soalan mek yang sebenarnya annoying? :))

To Baby Nada,

Cik Sue pray may you grow up well, excel in your life, be a good Muslimah, a coolness to your Parents' eyes & contribute something worthy & beneficial to the society. InsyaAllah. Soon, you may find having 2 elder brothers is quite annoying as they fight, shout, fight, shout & cry almost everyday but worry not, as your 2 elder sisters will always protect you. And believe me, you will be loved so much by your grandparents, especially your grandma who will babysit you while your parents are away for work. Semoga membesar bagai johan, Baby Nada!

Cik Sue, who-shares-the-same-birthday-with-your-second-brother, Nabil Aisy-&-babysat-him-for-3 weeks-after-her-SPM-{and he was just 3 months at that time) as-your-grandpa-was-admitted-to-HUSM-&-there-was-nobody-to-look-after-you-at-home the mak sepupu

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And this is what I wore for the majlis aqiqah {Walhal nak habiskan gambar dalam folder sebelum basi ditelan masa}

 My almost 5 year-old baju kurung & the beads were sewn by my cousin; a cikgu + Master's degree student + a mother of 4. How she managed to take upah jahit beads is still a mystery to me
A 3 toned shawl bought at Dataran Cendekia, UiTM S.Alam zillion of years ago
Lipstick curik-ed from Ma. Tqvm Ma!

I don't know why but I think that shawl made me feel like I'm a parrot or ikan emas O.o

Correction: The beads were sewn by my Sister's staff. But stilll, working from 8.30 till 5 & still have time to jahit-jahit? I should have started thinking about having a side income too. Bukak nursery kucin, anyone?


akakamu said...

the beads dijahit oleh my staff ok..bukan k.nun..

soleil m said...

sorry for the wrong info :P

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