Sunday, 9 December 2012

Where Rainbows End

Bought a novel 'Where Rainbows End' at a convenient store in LCCT last week while waiting for my flight home. It was a random pick after almost 30 minutes browsing through the shelves. I remember crying teresak-esak watching P.S. I Love You, a movie based on Cecelia Ahern's novel, thus this book instantly scored its points without having to try hard with its girlish book cover

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All in all, the book is fun but it got me annoyed at some chapters that I couldn't help myself but to get angryyyy & geram. Haih! Lesson to learn; if you love somebody, just let him/her know. Even if it turns out later that it's just one sided love, at least you've tried ayteee? Rather than umur 50 & after a failure in marriage, a divorce & kid(s), then baru berani nak confess. It's the effort that counts most, remember!

Tiba-tiba cakap macam kita ni pro sangat. Kalau pro, tak ada la sampai sekarang pun membujang. Lols!

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