Saturday, 8 December 2012

Harry Fear Being Fearless

Doesn't he look like a prince charming in English fairy tale or a modern version of Prince in a shining armour or Mc Dreamy that every girl wants? Because for me, he does really like one ;)

Except that Harry Fear is more than that. He is an activist & documentary maker from Oxford, UK who is currently stationed in Gaza Strip, Palestine. Do subscribe his Fb page for honest news/report & videos from him about what's really happening in Palestine

Btw, here are some of the pictures taken from his Fb which I think are worth sharing :)

Looking at Israel through the border fence, seeing its hamlets, artificial forests, modern roads and tractors. Our guide points out land owned by his great-grandparents that was stolen during the Nakba (Catastrophe):
“It is very painful to see; this is our land”


These are the first glimpses of Israel from this spot in a decade. This Gazan territory we're standing on has been inaccessible to local residents for 10 years because Israel controlled it.

 One of the most beautiful under-construction mosques in Gaza City

 #prayforpalestine #freepalestine

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