Thursday, 17 January 2013

2 Lawyers 1 Degree

Is there anyone here watch 'Suits'?

I used to underestimate it for thinking that it would be just like other lawyer-ed tv series but oh man, I'm so wrong! I fell in love with its actors/actresses & found myself immerse with things happened at the firm. Couldn't help but to compare with what I've got to experience at our little firm here in K.Bharu. Nak juga tu compare walhal macam tak sekufu bak langit dengan bumi. Lols!

2 lawyers with 1 law degree from Harvard = dramas!

And pleaseeee, who doesn't want a cool boss like Harvey Specter, a corporate lawyer at Pearson Hardman who graduated 5th in his Harvard Law School class? He's also a New York City's best closer with a witty & charming attitude. And he's one good looking man too, alright? Ahemmm!

I wish, I'm at least half smart & fun as Mike, a brilliant college dropout whose dream of becoming an attorney was derailed after he was expelled. However, he found his luck by attending an interview with Harvey by an unfortunate event

And one of favourite quotes by Harvey is this; "Being a lawyer is like being a doctor. You keep pressing until it hurts"

I guess, keeping myself a bit busy in this black & white world isn't that bad ayte? At least, it has trained me to be stronger. How should I compare between losing a case & being hurt or cheated by a boyfriend? Guess, which one hurts most?

Well, I haven't won any case yet. So, I can't put that in details. Bahahaha!

Oh, look look! I've just found the Official Suits Tumblr. Ok, obses sudahh. And click here to download the series. Yes, you're welcome ;)
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