Friday, 18 January 2013

Of Waiting For Mon Petit Ami By The Window On A White Pretty Table

I wish my table at the office looks like this one, instead of big, dull, serious & black. Oh, so pretty!

Speaking of which, I'm a type of person who likes to turn a space into more homely. Even when I'm just staying for a day or two at the hotel, I can't stand the sight of seeing things not in a proper order

*looks around my bedroom*

Alright, I need to clean my bedroom the first thing tomorrow morning. 3 weeks after the incident, it's time to change the bed sheet! My study table is seriously in a dire need for proper arrangement. And I'm thinking of moving out the exercise bicycle back to where it was at before i.e in front of the tv. Hangat-hangat tahi ayam nampaknya resolusi sihat awal tahun hari tu. Heh!

Oh, do you know that I'm also a window person? I need windows & fresh air. Spending a day long in an air-conditioned room makes me lemau. Biasalah orang kampung. Mungkin itulah juga penyumbang kepada faktor tidak pernah menonton wayang di cinema kerana cinema kan tiada window

But, waking up to this view ............................. is priceless!

Mon petit ami, where art thou? 
*feeling-feeling kat Paris*

I think, I'm slowly turning to be like my Mother. She likes pretty things, flowers, furniture arrangement, bright colours, loves to spend & has eyes for perfection. And the fact that the Sister thinks that I've a taste for things like makcik-makcik has strengthened the point. Oh well! Like Mother, like Daughter, alright?

And have I told you yet that my Mother is chatty? Maybe mek pun chatty juga tapi versi tulisan

Salam hari Jumaat semua. Semoga hari kita diberkati olehNya, insyaAllah. Jangan nakal-nakal!
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