Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Le Sigh!

We know our cat, Tommy isn't feeling well when he stays at home & sleeps all day long. Ever since he's become an adult cat, our house is his hotel where he can checks in & checks out any time he pleases. Of course we didn't feel happy about it but now, we've to redha on the fact that Tommy is one handsome & macho male cat & he has to travel to meet his fans

You know, like a YB versi kucin

Purrrr purrrrr!

Anyway, he was home for a few days last week & spent most of the time in my room playing The Sims on my laptop. Ok, I'm kidding. He slept all day long on my study table & skipped his meals. He looked so lemah & asyik termenung sahaja. Poor my baby!

But clearly, I didn't see this coming

Le sigh!
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