Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Assalamualaikum & hi, loves!

How are you feeling today in this brand new 2013? Mine is well, ordinary. Do you notice the word 'ordinary' without 'extra'? It's not the public holiday here in Kelantan, unlike most of the states so lawyers got to do what they got to do best which is going to the court. The good thing is, we won 2 cases this week. Alhamdulillah & yayyyy!

Going polka dots today. But macam tak polka dots sangat, bujur-bujur

It's been raining {again} for a few days in Kelantan & certain places banjir balik. And since today is the first day of school for the new term of 2013, the court is soooo empty! With the gloomy weather + KB Court Complex which is kind of ancient {read: lama} + lawyers lurking around in black & white, it felt like I was at Hogwarts :P

Me & my Master then went to Hospital Raja Sultanah Zainab to visit Saiful {my chambering mate but with different Master} who has been warded since 2 days ago. He had an appendicitis surgery yesterday evening & perhaps, will only back in action after 2 weeks

Get well quick Saiful. We're pretty sure Encik H is going to miss you a lot. Hehe!
And dalam ward pun nak pakai black & ward jugakkah? :P

If you're following my Instagram, you would have probably noticed that I'm just re-uploading some pictures that I've uploaded them earlier. Story telling la kununnya sebab kat sana macam over pulak nak mengarang panjang-panjang. Macam la kittew ni ramai followers sangat. Bukan retis pun but if you have Instagram account, let's be friends there! :D

And I think this blog is dying. The internet at home is still in its hibernation mode & I don't usually have much time to sit & blog properly at the office. Yup yup, I'm that rajin & I deserve some pats on my back *self-pats*

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