Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dear Cucu Sepupu

If I've a cousin, he got married & has some children, then one of them got married & has a child, then what does it make me? A nenek saudara? Feeling so tua already but don't judge a person but her title, alright?

So, I'm presenting to you my cucu saudara, the latest member in Syeikh Abdullah aka Pak Chu Lah clan! Say Assalamualaikum & hello to this little princess, Nur Aisya Khalisya binti Akmal Hadi who was born on 26 December 2012 at Fukui University Hospital, Japan. Alhamdulillah

Kenapakah muka baby macam berubah-ubah?

Proud Uncle Amarul & Tok Mi

Khalisya's Ummi, Dr Nornadia is my anak sepupu who is currently on an unpaid leave while his husband finishing his Ph.D in Fukui

Btw, me & my anak sepupu, Amarul are sebaya but all of us call him Abang. I still remember there was one time when we were 4 or 5, I laughed at him {couldn't recall for what reason} that made him punch me on my stomach! It was so hurt, I cried! Pfttttt!

To Baby Khalisya,
I'm not sure what name you should address me {I prefer Cik Sue rather than Tok Sue. I'm still young Thanks!} but I'm really looking forward to meeting you one day, InsyaAllah. Nak pergi Fukui macam jauh sangat la Baby, so kita jumpa di Malaysia je lah nanti, alright? I pray may you grow up well & be the coolness to your Parents, family, society negara & agama. May you be a good daughter in both dunia & akhirat. Your Parents have set the standard so high, I'm sure they can inspire you any time! Tak pun, if nak jadi lawyers macam Cik Sue, Cik Dayana, Cik Su La & Cik Lan pun boleh. Ahemm!

And if you happen to read this {which I assume by googling your own name that has brought you here? Hihi!}, hugs & kisses from Tok Cik Sue!

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