Friday, 25 January 2013

Hari Jumaat Saya

Assalamualaikum & hello, loves!

My aunt & uncle will be leaving for umrah on 31 January, so they organized a small makan-makan for the Syeikh Abdullah clan at their place this afternoon. Since, we live next to each other {7 houses altogether!}, maka urusan masak memasak dilakukan secara bergotong-royong

Despite going to bed at 3 am this morning {watching Suits. Hehe!}, I managed to wake up early & helped with the masak-masak. I wasn't among the earliest to arrive obviously but it's better late than never, alright? Lols!

Affan & Shakir, the cousins with their oh so meriah baju melayu. Before pergi masjid for solat jumaat pun sempat makan maruku. Budaya apakah ini?

I had to have 2 pinggan of nasi to satisfy my tummy
Can you spot some ulams with budu?

Me & my Master will be having a full trial on 30 & 31 at Pasir Mas Sessions Court, maka I can't send them off at the airport on 31. Alahai, kecewanya. Baru ingat nak masuk office lambat pagi 31 tu

And look look what my Sister just brought home from Sarawak! 

Of course I had to begin with the most colourful kek lapis

 It's like eating rainbow. I can't help but to admire the bright & colourful stripes. Obses warna much?

 Dan mungkin juga sedikit poyo. Bahahahaha! Ahh, whatever. I'm highhhh on colourful kek lapis
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