Sunday, 27 January 2013

I Love You, Aufa

My neighbour / primary school junior / uni mate just gave a birth to a baby girl on 16 January. My Mother had a chance to visit her at the HUSM & can't stop complimenting on how beautiful the baby is

I thought, all babies look the same. I mean, when they just came out from the oven, the only things that could differentiate them are just some apparent features like skin colour & the thickness of the hair. Oleh sebab itu lah, dalam sinetron Indonesia selalu terjadi kejadian tertukar babies

But, my Mother is right that she's one of the cutest babies I've ever met! My heart melts every time I saw this picture. Auwww! It's like love at first sight!

Can I bite her chubby cheeks, nose & eyes, pleaseee?

To Nur Aufa Afrina, semoga membesar bagai johan, be the coolness of your Parents & grandmothers' eyes & sentiada mendapat barakah & dalam lindunganNya. Amin & InsyAllah. Your Ummi told me that you're one cerewet baby, often refused to sleep at nights but I think, you're just making another excuse to get all the attention from your loved ones. Naughty you, awal-awal lagi dah jadi attention seeker. Hihihi!

Your Ummi & I always had the hati ke hati talk when both of us were single {your Ummi is happily married now, you're the evidence but Aunty Sue is still loyal with her single title *coughs*} but Allah works in a mysterious way & I'm so happy for her that her life is complete now :')

Aunty Sue is looking forward to meeting you again, soon. InsyaAllah. I still owe you a present & a series of gomoi-gomoi too but Aunty Sue needs to master the art of handling babies first. Jaga kucin dah terlebih pro, jaga babies je belum
Ok, ada gambar baru di Fb. Terpaksa curi. Ok, thanksbye!

  I love you, Aufa

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