Thursday, 21 February 2013

My First AGM

Assalamualaikum & hello! Selamat hari Khamis!

I went to my very first Kelantan Bar Annual General Meeting (AGM) this afternoon. Not as a member yet, not until I'm called to the Bar in a few months' time. InsyaAllah

Voting for the high committee

I was given a task to be one of the Urusetia, something I was more than glad to lend my hands to as it would be my chance to get to know more people & work in a committee. You know stuff like smiling at the registration desks, asking the lawyers to fill in the attendance sheets etc. Dalam kepala dok imagine kena susun kerusi macam kat sekolah dulu-dulu  every time ada event tapi when me & my other chambering friend arrived at the hall, we were greeted with, "Eh, korang turun la makan dulu" instead

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Permulaan yang bagus! :D

 The food was very delicious. Tak sia-sia tamak ambik 3 senduk nasi & a lot of lauks!
And being typical me, dapat food terus khusyuk. Bak kata Najwa "Suria dapat nasik terus senyap" -.-'

My cousin was among the first ones who arrived at the hall, her name was the first one on the attendance list. I was busy talking when she came at me & said "Haiiiiii sepupuuuuuuuu!". Lols! Her husband is one of the high committee

I still remember watching her studying at her desk, so tekun & all. I was probably only 6, 7 years old at that time. She was from UiTM too & met her husband when she was chambering, like me! Lols!

And apalah ertinya berjumpa beramai-ramai tanpa adanya sesi fotografi

 With my LL.B classmate, Aliaa
Kenapa Aliaa makin kurus & mek makin chubby? Apakah yang membelenggu fikiranmu Aliaa?

With the UIAM ladies, Lin & Jah

Some of the facts that I managed to discover during the AGM;

1. There are about 150 lawyers in Kelantan to date
2. Most of them graduated from UIA
3. Male lawyers dominating the market
4. Single male lawyers, well not many tapi masih ada. Hahahaha!
5. Young female lawyers lawa-lawa huihhh! Rambang mata

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