Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I'm Romantic

Assalamualaikum & bonjour?

Honestly, I see myself as a person with a bit of this & that. I can be bubbly or turn myself into an ignorant cat sleeping all day long or be a delicate lemau cookie crying over a sad BlueHyppo ad yang tak boleh balik raya. But if you ask me what the best adjective to describe myself is, my answer will be, "I'm a romantic person"


Oh pleaseee! Writing the above sentence per se makes me want to puke *muntah dalam diam*

But these bright & pretty bedrooms are romantic in their own way. Things can almost never go wrong with white, ayte?

Oh btw, after going to the court this morning, I went to a computer shop with my Master to send my sick external harddisk, Azraq (it has a new baju now! Need to think of another name!). I was waiting for the receipt when the cute guy at the shop handed me my HD & gave me his personal card with the message, "Nah kad saya. Awak sorang je dapat"

I didn't know whether I should be flattered or what but the first thing that came out in my mind after receiving the business card was, "Eh, kalau saya nak tambah Ram laptop saya, berapa ratus eh?", instead of "Auww! Hati berbunga riang. Tralalalala!". Clearly, I've been missing playing The Sims heaps that my mind failed to order me to respond to it

And that's one of the evidences that I'm not a romantic person. Maybe juga sebab faktor usia & jejerawat

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