Monday, 11 February 2013

Of Being Inspired At The Kenduri

Assalamualaikum & hi guys!

The kenduri galore is still on but too bad that I already need to go back to work tomorrow. My Master's husband is Chinese & they will be away holiday-ing till Saturday. But, nooooo! She doesn't give us a few extra days off pun :((

Anyway, this is one the cutest things I ever found at the weddings;

Simple yet pretty paper bag

This is definitely what I want for my own wedding someday, with a lot of white & bright pretty things. Well, not that I'm going to have one around the corner but you know, it's never too early to dream/prepare/plan even if you don't have a calon. Walau bukan untuk diri sendiri pun, mungkin untuk majlis akikah bakal anak saudara. Wow! Thoughtful sungguh Mama Sue. Lols!

 Baei, yours truly & our secondary school junior, Aishah H

Aishah was home only for a few days just for her sister's wedding before flying back to India. Lagi 2 weeks balik lagi katanya. And oh, her house is so pretty, can't help but to be jakun. Nasib baik level malu masih berada di tahap normal, kalau tak mesti dah busy taking pictures here & there

It was me & Baei's first time to Aishah's house, so we got a bit sesat. Malah, bukan hanya sesat, siap silap majlis lagi. In our defense, there were so many kenduris held in the same time & almost at the same place. Imagine 2 girls looking so confident walking towards the tents only to find out later that they were at the wrong kenduri. We had to tahan our laughter, composed our confidence & walked back to Baei's car like nothing ever happened. Masuk kereta, terus laughed like 2 donkeys -.-'

Nasib baik tergerak nak call Aishah before masuk khemah salam-salam dengan tuan rumah. Kalau tak mungkin masuk dalam newsletter Taman Mesra ruangan Senyum Kambing untuk edisi minggu depan

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