Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Of Kenduri, Make-ups & Sinus

I love going to kenduris but the aftermath of applying some make-up seemed to not always agree with me. My skin is sensitive that so often after the kenduris, breakouts would pop out merrily like nobody's business. Well, perhaps it has got something to do with the excessive intakes of yummy kenduri food too but please jejerawats, why can't you leave me alone? :((

It's also one of the reasons (beside malas) why I often go to work with naked face & refuse to invest in expensive make-ups. The 'applying some BB cream & eyeliner' routine is only applied when I have to go to court or some other places. Otherwise, a Lipice or lipstick will do

My very humble make-up collection. Tu pun kalau boleh di panggil collection lah. Lols!

Having sinus problems I'm, I've to restrict myself from being too much indulged in certain forbidden food such as prawns, crabs, cockle, sambal belacan etc. It's not easy I tell you. I mean, how can you say no to crying-a-river-pedasnya sambal belacan & cockle? Hilang dua nikmat dunia :(( But most of the time, I would just close my eyes, take some bites & tell myself, "Tak apo lah. Sekali-sekala jah makey ni. Buat ubat"

It works almost every time although that 'sekali-sekali' means 2,3 times per week. Ahemm!

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