Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Sinner, Lusts & Desires

Feeling extremely tired at the office yesterday that I decided to take a nap in the surau. I only managed to sleep for about 10 mins though, before Master no. 2 called me for an urgent matter. But that 10 minutes, oh my Allah, how can I describe it? It was like orang mengantuk di sorongkan bantal. I even managed to have a few dreams ok? A proof of how lena I was

My stomach wasn't at its best behaviour the whole day & still it is. I was so glad that yesterday, my Sister came to pick me 5 mins earlier than usual, if not daku sudah tergolek mungkin. Masuk kereta, terus tido until we arrived home. I then continued sleeping in my room until 8 pm. It was raining, maka sungguh seronok tidur di tambah dengan keadaan badan yang tidak berapa ok

The parents came to my room, asking whether I am okay & what I want to eat but I was too sleepy & weak to eat anything. Plus, I just don't want to make another trip to the loo, please? -.-' 

I straight away went to bed after solat Isya'. The whole body ached & there were at times, I had difficulty to breathe. And it suddenly reminded me to my arwah Kak Ni who passed away 20 years ago of food poisoning where she was warded for 3 days in the hospital. Imagining what she had to bear made me cry :( Al-fatihah..

Sakit penghapus dosa. Semoga Allah ampunkan dosa-dosa saya. Amin...

Dan ini juga peringatan untuk diri sendiri; jangan dok pulun sangat aih makan nasi kenduri. Perut terkejut barangkali dengan intake makanan yang berbondong-bondong masuk perut secara pukal. Balik kenduri boleh pulak singgah Secret Recipe for 2 days in a row. Nafsu makan tahap gajah tidak dapat disangkal lagi

Perut masih sakit, badan masih lemah. Cepatlah pukul 5
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