Thursday, 7 February 2013

Of 20 Years & Al-fatihah


Today is 7th February & like previous years i.e 2011 & 2012, I'll dedicate an entry to my arwah first elder Sister, Kak Ni who left us to meet Allah, the Creator in 1993. It's been 20 years yet I never got tired of missing her. Al-fatihah to Allahyarham Marhaini Muhammad (1977-1993)

We don't have many pictures of us together. There's a few but not many but one of my favourite is the one taken by my arwah Abang Yi (the eldest brother who passed away in Nov 2005) where all of us 3 girls were happily playing bunga api, maybe just a few shy days away from raya. Arwah Kak Ni's left hand was on my shoulder while her right hand was holding my hand in which I was holding the bunga api. She was probably worried that I might injure myself

Arwah Kak Ni wasn't wearing tudung in the picture. Otherwise, I'd have uploaded it here :)

It's so sad for me to admit that I already forgot how her voice sound like. I wish the technology was already advanced back then so that at least we have more pictures or videos of her. But never mind, I'll keep forcing my brain to keep the memories of her alive in me, especially when I miss her heaps :)

Anyway, my Mother still keeps her black diary which she didn't get the chance to finish writing it till the last page. Every time I read it, it would remind me of how wonderful she was. I didn't get to spend more time with her as she was staying in the hostel (a girls' religious school in K.Bharu) but her diary, I take that as another living proof of how pleasant her character was. I'm not saying this just because she was my Sister but she was really a nice person, inside out

Allah definitely loves her too that He decided to take our precious Kak Ni when she was just 16

Btw, I had a dream of arwah Abang Yi a few nights ago; he looked young, happy & smile. It makes me miss our happy childhood more, those happy times when our family was complete; Abah, Ma, Abang Yi, Kak Ni, Kakak & me

I pray, may all of us reunite again one day in Jannah. Amin ya rabbal alamin...

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