Friday, 15 February 2013

Of Friday Memories

Assalamualaikum & jumma mubarak, loves!  Friday has always been my favourite day. How about you?

When I was still a kid, probably 4, 5 or 6 years old, I loved following Abah to the masjid. Being an imam he was, Abah's job didn't only require him to be the imam for solats but also the masjid architect, accountant, tok kadhi & 1001 other duties involved. There was always things to do at the masjif & I loved observing him while he was doing his jobs. Sometimes, I took the microphone & pretended that I was singing in front of the crowd. Sometimes, I went onto the mimbar & pretended that I was reading a khutbah

I've many fond memories of the masjid. I grew up inside there, literally :)

Abah was an Imam for almost 22 years & wallahi I must say, he was one devoted person in carrying out his tasks. Fridays would be the busiest day of the week as he had to write the khutbah texts (before the MAIK took over the task & prepare the texts), bersihkan masjid before people started to come in for Friday prayer, be the khatib, stayed back after the solat for meeting with other AJKs & in other days, he would be the last person leaving the masjid after he made sure that the doors were locked, lights & fans were switched off etc. During Ramadhan, Abah would be the amil & our house would be visited by the anak-anak mukim days & nights, even in the morning of Raya itself before the solat sunat Raya. For those who want to get married, Abah was among the first persons they had to meet

For many years, me & my Sister didn't get to enjoy our school holidays as Abah would always busy with the akads & filling forms. We grew up getting used to it yet we didn't complain

I love watching Abah, the BIL, my uncles, cousins & other orang-orang kampung rushing to the masjid for solat jemaah. It's like they're in a race or something & it's such a beautiful sight. It's also one of the reasons why I love being at home; it gives me a feeling of tranquility knowing that in this modern society, there're still some people who keep the religion as their priority

Sudah berasa amankah kamu bahawa Dia yang di langit itu tidak akan membuat kamu ditelan bumi dengan tiba-tiba ia bergoncang? Atau sudah berasa amankah kamu bahawa Dia yang di langit itu tidak akan mengirimkan badai yang menghujani kamu dengan batu? Namun kelak kamu akan mengetahui bagaimana (akibat mendustakan) peringatanKu. Dan sesungguhnya orang yang sebelum mereka pun telah mendustakan (Rasul-rasulNya). Maka perhatikanlah betapa hebatnya kemurkaanKu! {al-Mulk: 16-18} 
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