Saturday, 16 February 2013

Of Che Ro's Wedding

Assalamualaikum & happy Saturday, loves! 

After a week, baru hari ni ada masa to do a proper entry on one of 3 wedding I attended recently. So behold, as this blog will be flooded with a lot of wedding pictures! :D 

The first wedding was our secondary school friend's, Che Ro in Jelawat on 9 February. Che Ro was my deskmate during prep classes when we were Form 1 & despite never been in the same class, we maintain a very good relationship until now. This girl is so smart & unlike me who loved EST & History, her favourite subjects were always Add Math & Chemistry

No wonder la dia dapat pergi UTP & met the iman of her life there. Lucky girl. Hehe!

A pretty & happy bride with a beautiful dais!

Ida & I arrived at Che Ro's house before the bridegroom's rombongan from Putrajaya arrive. So, we had enough time to eat, borak-borak, laugh, take pictures, crash the bride's room, usik-usik the bride, take pictures, laugh, borak-borak, take pictures before leaving Che Ro's house at 2 pm

From L to R; Nen, Ida, yours truly, the bride, Didi, Dr Shasha, Dr Nik & Roza

This is so yesterday but girls & mirror are like mangga muda & colek Mak Bee

Teeheee! :')

And lastly, a must have picture with the bride herself!

It was such a beautiful reunion. The happiness could be seen anywhere! Love was in the air & I bet, they're still over the moon now. Hehe!

To Che Ro & Ghaffar, 
I pray may you two be blessed with a lot of barakah in your life as a husband & wife, daddy & mommy, grandpa & grandma & even when you two have your cicits in the future. Amin.. I heard long distance marriage is painful but if you had survived 7-8 years of relationship, then it can be a good foundation for more years ahead. InsyaAllah

Semoga bercinta hingga ke syurga & hurry hurry, give us another anak saudara! Much love! Xx!

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