Sunday, 17 February 2013

Of Norma's Wedding

Assalamualaikum & how are you today, loves? 

Kita kembali dengan rancangan 'Jalan-jalan Makan Nasi Kenduri 2013' Episod 2. The second wedding that I managed to attend with the other girlfriends was the wedding of Norma, my classmate from Form 1 till 3. Most of us haven't seen Norma since we left school after SPM. So, some of us went like 'Apa?!! Norma nak kahwinnnn?!!!' *insert a terkezut expression here* when we received the wedding invitation from her

Diam-diam ubi berisi, you know?

On 10 February per se, we had 3 wedding invitations; Norma's in Pasir Pekan, Dayah Surea's in Kampung Sireh & Hasnida's in Tanah Merah but it was impossible to attend all 3 due to massive traffic jam (fyi Kelantan, holiday & jams, they're triplets) So, we decided to divide the rombongans. Rasa macam a bit guilty juga la. Kalau boleh, memang nak attend semua. Ampun maaf di pinta. InsyaAllah, nanti kenduri aqiqah baby, kami datang ya? ;)

 Obviously, the theme was blue but somebody didn't get it even when she was standing in front of the dais

Baei: Tema biru eh, Norma?
Norma: Ada nampak kaler lain ke?

Bahahahahahahahaha! Sejibik kena dengan pengantin ye Baei? And fuhhh, why do my teacher friends are so garang, huh? Stress dengan sekolah ke apa ni?

From L to R; yours truly, the Bride, Baei & Diha

Kacau-ing the bride who was on phone with the bridegroom. Managed to steal a look at the phone screen when it was ringing with a hope to see a cheesy husband-wife nickname but nooooo, it's just 'Nizam'

Pandai cover cik kak kita ni. Hehe!

From L to R, 1st row; Dayah, yours truly, the Bride, Baei & Diha
2nd row; Anis, Fatin, Nujah & Farhan

The cikgus

Banyak sangat cakap-cakap & gelak, tudung pun dah herot-berot jadinya

And as usual, a must have picture with the Bride, Norma! Woots!

To Norma & Nizam,
I pray for your happiness & barakah in dunia & akhirat. Marriage is a beginning to many chapters of your life & with Allah willing, hopefully He will ease them & make things easy for you two. Though I haven't had the chance to see Mr Nizam yet but I can tell from the happiness in your eyes & smiles that you're happily married now. Another epitome that an arranged marriage with a relative isn't that bad, huh? Hehe! Last but not least, looking forward to meeting you two on your child's aqiqah soooon. Lols! Much love! Xx

We left before the brideroom rombongan arrive which was after Zuhor sebab takut jam di atas Jambatan Sultan Yahya Petra. And sungguh adventurous ke rumah Norma, we got lost like 3 times. Alternative terakhir, tanya makcik di gerai pisang goreng sambil membeli pisang goreng sebagai bekalan kot-kot sesat lagi banyak -.-'

Btw, Norma's house is situated about 100 metres from Sg Kelantan, so the angin menderu menyapa MasyaAllah sungguh membuai perasaan. No need kipas & aircond ya? Nyaman jahhh. Being the jakun people we are, we couldn't help but to take some picture. Maka terimalah gambar duet saya & Dayah ini

Memang langsung tak ada talent jadi model. Kaku jahh. Sungguh tidak hip

And can you see the yellow buildings at the back? They're Ridel Hotel & Pelangi Mall which are situated at the other side of the Sungai yakni di pinggir bandar K.Bharu. There's perkidmatan boat provided for local people, harga tak pasti but probably below than RM2. Dulu-dulu Norma cerita, from our school dia naik bus to K.Bharu then naik boat across the Sungai to balik rumah

Woww! Hebbakk!

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