Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Of A Great Muslimah Doctor In The Making's Birthday

Assalamualaikum & happy Wednesday, loves!

On 24th February, a great muslimah Doktor in the making (InsyaAllah) officially turned 23 years old! Alhamdulillah & yayyyy! *throws some water balloons at Atiey!*

 Yours truly, Atiey, the belated birthday girl & Rayyan on Rayyan's wedding last September

Both Atiey & Rayyan were my juniors in secondary school & how I got to know them started with an embarrassing incident on their first day at school. Me & my friend went to their dorm, pretending that we were also the Form 1 students which obviously we weren't. Like come on, who would be that friendly & talk non stop in front of strangers except for some oh not so malu seniors like us? And of course they had known it straight away. We should have really thought of better trick -.-'

But I'm glad that that awkward introduction eventually led to a pretty sisterhood, until now

To Atiey, all the best in your endeavor in becoming a doctor. A few flights more from Malaysia-Bangalore & Bangalore-Malaysia & you can finally bid goodbye to Med School. InsyaAllah! I pray may Allah make things easy for you, dunia & akhirat & sentiasa menjadi the coolness of everyone's eyes. You're like a little Sister to me whom I never had & for that, my thoughts & prayers will always be with you. I love you :')

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