Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ridzuan & Rayyan Part 2

One of the most favourite common questions I've been bombarded by people nowadays is none other than marriage related question. They're like "Lepas dapat degree, what are you still waiting for? Kahwin lah!"

They make it sounds so easy, as if committing yourself to a marriage ally & a whole life taat setia contract bonded between a husband & wife is as easy as The Sims or main pondok-pondok. How I wish!

My Sister & most of my cousins/relative got married when they were 25 or 26 & that somehow, has become a trendsetter to the girls in our family. But to think about marriage per se makes me go perplex. Like seriously, where did you guys start the preparation {other than having a candidate of course}? When did you start to plan your own wedding? Was it when you had found someone you know you're going to spend the rest of your life with or wayyyy before that? Contohnya macam simpan la duit dulu untuk kahwin though entah la bila aku nak kahwin ni but it's okay, let's initiate the jalan first then ade la tu jodoh, InsyaAllah. Macam tu ke?

Honestly, I don't see being myself letting off my 'Cik' title anytime soon. Not until 2014. But who knows, tup-tup tiba-tiba Allah buka pintu jodoh secara tiba-tiba. Allah works in a mysterious way, ayte?

Nonetheless, I can almost foresee what I want for my akad nikah. A private majlis, simple & sweet. Just like my cousins, Ridzuan & Rayyan had for theirs recently :)

Mukadimah panjang berjela, walhal nak continue Ridzuan & Rayyan Part 1 hari tu. Kehkeh!

These photos were taken right after the akad nikah. Most of the brides shed tears after the 'Sah! Sah!' & Rayyan was one of them too. Me on the other hands, smiled so wide like kerang busuk already

Rayyan & her Mother

Mabrukkkk Ridzuan & Rayyan!

Majlis perkahwinan tidak akan lengkap tanpa gambar capub penulis bersama pengantin & sepupu-sepapat

With the Aunt & Mother 

And lastly, with some of the cousins whom I spent my childhood with! Most of them are guys, so you can see where I've got this ganas-ganas trait *flips tudung*

Isn't our Grandmother the cutest among us all? Hehe!

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