Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rest In Peace, Kiki

One of our 4 cats, Kiki wasn't feeling well for the past few days. He refused to eat, didn't want to play with his brother, Boy & just slept all day long, which was so not Kiki. I saw him sleeping at the kitchen 2 days ago, pat him on his back, gosok-gosok badan & told him 'Kesian Kiki demam....'. He tried to stand up & walked but to no avail, he fell down a few seconds later

And yesterday evening, Abah decided to quarantine him due to his worsen condition. I saw him eating his meal & little that I know, that was the last time I saw him as Kiki had left us this morning

Honestly, I thought it was just a mild fever :(

Rest in peace, dear Kiki. I'm so sorry if ada terkurang layanan, kasih sayang, makan & minum. I know ever since I started working more than a month ago, tak ada masa sangat nak babysit korang like I used to. I'm so sorry for any kekurangan, salah & silap. I love you 

3 August 2012, Kiki chilling with me on Friday morning

Kiki was one manja cat. Dia suka tidur dekat-dekat macam ni. And the kitten yang sedang main-main dengan ekor Kiki tu ialah Adik/Comel. Adik pun tak berapa sihat sekarang. Sigh!

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