Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Can Mali Can Ketipong Payung

1. A mug of hot Milo to fuel up my day
2. Myself
3. Busy April

Playing around with my hp & Instagram (which I decided to keep it private now) yesterday when, of course nobody was looking. The perks of being seated at the table nun jauh di hujung office sana. I've more privacy now & I'm liking it lots. Tqvm. And oh, extra steps to my Master's room juga which means sedikit exercise di situ. Hehe!

Sometimes I wish I've more money & times. Would really love to take some weeks off (a chambering student can dream ayte? Tsk!) & fly to places I've been wanting to visit for years with my loved ones. InsyaAllah

Or just be in my room, sleep like a big fat lazy cat & wake up to my favourite food & desserts. Ahhh, bliss!
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