Thursday, 28 March 2013

Of Dream & Weary Brain

Did you ever see or experience something in your dream in which in reality, is something that you're utterly wishing or praying for? And in the verge of realizing that it's only a dream, you managed to hold yourself for a few seconds from waking up because it felt so real to you, you just didn't want it to end

A dream is like a bubble; beautiful yet fragile. It doesn't last long but it's enough to give you a temporary happiness :)

Poor my weary brain! It must be exhausted lately!

Anyhow, esok sudah weekend. WoohOo! I haven't had any special plan for the weekend except a date with my old friend, Neera on Saturday (that pregnant lady wants me to teman her makan mee cambor. Anytime, girlfriend!) but since my Ethics exam is coming in less than 2 weeks, I really need to clean up my dusty studying cap & force myself to study

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