Monday, 18 March 2013

Ethics Course March 2013 (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum & happy Monday, everyone! ♥ 

This is the continuation of Ethics Course March 2013 (Part 1)

3) Aktiviti bebas after the Course
After the course ended which was around 5 pm, we went back to the hotel to pray. Since all of us looked like half zombies already (from the trip the day before & the course itself), so we decided to just dine at Central Market, which was about 5 minutes walk from the hotel

My first time there, obviously! Couldn't help but to act like a tourist except that no damage done to my purse. Hehe!

 The rombongan from Kelate minus Kokmie (2nd from right) who's from K.Terengganu. Lagi 3 orang, CNoor, Lin & Yani awal-awal dah dinner

It was a very tiring day & we were mentally & physically exhausted. Deep down inside, I was very grateful that I don't have to sit for the test on the next day sebab mek memang tak ready. Huhu! Untuk kawan-kawan yang dah amik test, may Allah make things easy for them & pass the test with flying colours! Amin & InsyaAllah. After countless of exams/tests at law school + Bar Council ethics exam, then we're done! :D

4. The Ethics Exam & KLCC
Since my 2 roommates, Khazan & Kokmie had the ethics exam in the morning & lunch at Royal Selangor Club in the afternoon, I was all alone in the room. Qadha-ed tidur a bit, kemas-kemas barang before checking out at 12 pm & had lunch with Heng who also will be sitting for the test next month. Nasib baik ada Heng buat teman jalan-jalan. Saiful & Nik Nazri lesap sudahhh

 Kununnya nak jadi a bit adventurous trying out local restaurant tapi tak yakin. Ended up lunch di Secret Recipe, near Menara OCBC. Juara makan-makan jatuh kepada Heng

Went to KLCC later in the evening with Khazan & Heng

 What would I do without you twoooooo? :')

Bought my first eye pencil! Woots! Won't have bought it if Khazan wasn't there to convince & help me choose the colour. Maklumlah, noob level 45. Hehe!

And apalah ertinya kunjungan ke KLCC without meeting this person though I had to wait until 7 pm for him to finish his work;

Iqbal will always be the bubbly Iqbal where he would talk non stoppppp. He even got annoyed with me for always looking at my hp screen (I was busy replying Khazan's texts & had to deal with Saiful whether to balik Kelantan that night juga or esok pagi) but among many things he effortlessly managed to make me laugh is this;

"Kenapa bulu mata you makin lebat?"

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I really didn't know whether to get flattered or insulted

But of course, he will always get amazed at my lawyer-ed vocabulary. Even hearing the word 'chambering' made him excited & asked me to spell the word 'pupil'. And he wouldn't let the day passed without having a debate with me & mentioned the word 'ad hominem' excitedly when he thought he'd nailed me. Sigh! Kasik can la

Lawyer & engineer; we speak different languages alright? *blows nails*

Bertolak balik to Kelate the next morning, 15/3

Ok, that's all! The end :D  

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